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Sea Mountain’s Luxurious One Love Temple

Sea Mountain Vegas Resort photo

Waterfall at Sea Mountain Vegas

Last week I got a tour of Sea Mountain’s new Las Vegas nudist resort and lifestyles retreat, a lush five-acre oasis a mile east of the Strip called One Love Temple.  It opened in Las Vegas this summer. This place is so gorgeous, with multiple clear and sparkling pools, spas, waterfalls and ponds, tall trees and zen rock gardens, flowering shrubs, Buddhist sculptures, casitas and party rooms, lounges everywhere and a 24-hour dance club, I’m tempted to take up the go-naked banner and chuck my duds.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to disrobe at the time of my tour because (1) I wasn’t a member of the One Love Temple church and (2) I wasn’t with my wife and this resort is for couples and women only.  (Even the staff is all female.)  Also, I was required to do the tour early in the morning before the party got into full swing, so I’ll be posting more information about the crowd when I or an intrepid TVO reporter can get back to the resort with the required female partner.

If the name Sea Mountain is familiar, it may be because a similar venue, the famous Sea Mountain Inn, has been operating in Southern California for ten years and has been featured in Playboy (Top Things to Do Before You Die), New York Times (Best Nudist Resort in the World), and in other popular media outlets including VH1, MTV, NPR, EsquireGQ, Village Voice, LA Magazine and dozens of other publications.  

A Vegas Nudist Resort, Lifestyles Retreat & Zen Temple All In One

Sea Mountain One Love Temple Spa

Spa at Sea Mountain Vegas

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “lifestyles,” it’s the favored term right now for people who used to be called “swingers.”

The Sea Mountain One Love Temple in Vegas, however, is not just a lifestyles club. In fact, most of those who patronize the resort are not swingers at all. They’re nudists — just people who want to be out in the sun, socialize and party naked.  So it’s not just nudist and not just swingers—it’s both and a no-pressure experience for a first-time couple or woman.

That means nudity is optional on the Sea Mountain premises. For those who are shy, robes, sarongs or towels are allowed (just no regular clothing). Swimsuits are not allowed in the pools or spas. The rule for evening wear is “lingerie or less.”

Sea Mountain Vegas Massage Room

Massage Room at Sea Mountain Vegas

I can tell you that Dewee, the guy who gave me my tour, is passionate about the place.  He considers the property a temple, and believes that it offers a genuine spiritual experience.  Dewee is decades too young, but he reminded me of the flower children I met in San Francisco in the Summer of Love.

In any case, One Love Temple has a peaceful, relaxed, no-pressure no-stress vibe.  I wanted to stay.  I immediately started thinking about how I could convince my wife to come.

And One Love Temple is officially registered as a church in Vegas.  In the morning there is yoga.  The church also does charitable work, including a lesbian center and women’s abuse crisis center.   To gain entry, a person must join the nondenominational One Love Temple church (suggested $20 donation).

No Solo-Guy Lurkers at Sea Mountain One Love Temple

Sea Mountain Nudist Resort Las Vegas oasisThere are two well-known lifestyles venues in Las Vegas — the Green Door and the Red Rooster.  Other lifestyles clubs in Vegas do not have their own venue, but rent out suites in hotels where they have their parties.

One of the complaints I’ve heard numerous times about both Green Door and Red Rooster is that these clubs allow single males to pay their way in at the door. Green Door especially has a reputation for herds of single males who lurk around staring at the more exhibitionist couples who enjoy putting on a show. Some traditional lifestyles practitioners find this creepy.

Again, Sea Mountain, by contrast, does not allow single men to enter. Period. Single women and women in groups may enter, but every man who shows up must be accompanied by a woman to gain entry. This rule ensures that there are always more women than men at the resort.   Couples are free to go their separate ways once they’re on the property, but there are no herds of unattached men stalking the premises.

Day, Evening and Overnight Retreats 24/7/365

Sea Mountain Lifestyles Resort Las Vegas pool at nightUnlike most Vegas swingers’ parties, Sea Mountain is open 24/7/365. Sea Mountain Vegas offers day retreats, evening retreats and even overnight retreats. All the pools and spas are heated, so that they can be enjoyed year round. And the indoor facilities are also luxurious. There are numerous party rooms, a massage room, and even the Dharma Club, a 24-hour nightclub with throbbing music, flashing lights and a dance floor.

For those seeking a lengthier retreat from the secular world, there are furnished rooms where you can spend the night, the weekend, or any number of days. The retreat packages include snacks, food and nonalcoholic beverages (alcoholic beverages are not sold on the premises, but are allowed on a BYO basis). No children are allowed and all who enter must be at least 21 years of age.

A day retreat pass (10:30 am to 5:00 pm) is $149 per couple (only $39 for a solo woman).  A day and evening pass (10:30 am to 2:00 am) is $179 per couple.

These packages include full access to all nude pools and spas, the wood sauna, private meditation areas, nude tanning gardens, and the nightclub.  They also include complimentary parking, lunch for two, unlimited iced teas, coffees and spring waters, robes and towels, private lockers, and day beds. A massage is $129.  Most massage is couple’s massage (therapeutic, not sexual), with all therapists licensed by the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada.  All therapists are fully clothed and all clients are draped.  (Los Angeles Times and Spafinder rated Sea Mountain massages as local bests.)

There are also packages for groups.  You can find all of the package deals and more on the One Love Temple website or call 702-497-2936.